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Eyes On You

In life's journey, there are moments when the road ahead seems tough, and the challenges feel overwhelming. It's at these times that we're reminded to trust in the power and sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reflecting on 2 Chronicles 16:8-9, we see that our victory doesn't come from our own efforts but from our unwavering trust in God.


Just before the chaos of 2020, my husband Julian and I learned a simple yet powerful lesson in trust during our anniversary trip to Bintan island, Indonesia. Riding a tandem bicycle, I struggled to coordinate with him until I let go and trusted his guidance. This experience taught me to let God lead instead of relying on my own efforts.


King Asa of Jerusalem faced a similar test when a mighty Ethiopian army stood against him. Though outnumbered, he turned to the Lord and saw his enemies defeated. But as Asa gained power, he forgot where his strength came from and relied on himself.


How often do we fall into the same trap of self-sufficiency? In a world obsessed with control, it's easy to forget our dependence on Christ. Yet, the Lord looks for those who remain loyal to Him.


As we navigate uncertain times, let's remember King Jehoshaphat's words: "We don't know what to do, but our eyes are on you." Our strength lies in surrendering to God's will. Just as God showed His power through Asa, He's ready to work in our lives when we trust Him.


In these challenging times, let's not rely on our own strength but anchor our hope in Christ. May we seek His guidance and trust that He'll lead us through every trial. As we move forward, let's keep our faith strong and remember that Christ's power is always with us.

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