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1 Pet 4:10-11 As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God..So that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful couple, a medical doctor Dr. Agamah and his wife June. He is from Ghana and she’s from Guyana. They have a thriving practice in the United States and three beautiful daughters. He shared with our church that about 18 years ago the Lord gave him a vision to start medical missions to his home village Agbozume, Ghana. This village of about 18,000 people had no hospital or medical facility to serve their large farming community with average earnings of less than US $1 daily and a life expectancy of less than 59 years. What began as a small clinic in a room of Dr. Agamah’s parents’ home, has now become the International Health and Development Network (IHDN), a major health care provider in Ghana with a hospital that serves a catchment area of 60,000 Ghanians yearly. (Click here to read more about IHDN)

It was truly inspiring and challenging to me at the same time. The Lord had asked me some years ago..”What is in YOUR hand?” What skill, profession, talent or resource have you been given that can be used to help and bless others around you?

Of course, if you can travel to far-away poverty stricken nations to serve that’s wonderful, but how can you serve others right where you are? Two weeks ago Marisse blogged on “Are you a foot or a fingernail?”. I want to encourage and underscore that message today..the gifts you’ve been blessed with are to be used to bless others. You can “get in where you fit in” and begin to serve wherever and in whatever way you are able to. Step beyond your comfort zone and your usual circle. Ask the Lord to broaden your scope of view and enlarge your territory and show you how to pray for people or nations that you may not already pray for. Reach out to that neighbor or co-worker that has been on your mind. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, strength and direction as you serve.

Isn’t it sobering to think of the limited time we have on this earth? Let’s use it for God’s glory because in the end, only what is done for Christ will last.

Prayer for today: Lord, I thank you for life. Thank you for the gifts, talents and resources you have blessed us with. Show us how we can use these, with wisdom, to serve others more. Lead us Lord to the person, persons, communities or nations that are in need today. Bless us indeed and enlarge our territory, and let your hand be with us. Amen!

We’d really love to hear from you..share in the comment box below how you’ve been motivated to help others around you. Please also share any missions, initiatives or persons you would like us to join in and pray for. God bless.

By Carol-angel Jackson

Robertha, Dr. Agamah, his wife June, and your’s truly.

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