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A mother’s love

Today as we celebrate Mother’s Day let us remember the sacrificial love of Christ that is exemplified in a mother’s love. I pray God would make us mothers and also mothers to be, those who love our children in word and also in deed! Read on and be encouraged!

1 Cor 13:4

Love is: a mother who strives to be patient, kind and not easily angered. Even when we have our own frustrations let us not “take it out” on our children. Pause, say a prayer, remember to act in love. Harsh words and actions are seeds which when sown in the soil of our children’s hearts and minds will bear bitter fruit!

Love is: a mother is who is not envious, proud or boastful and does not dishonor others. Yes! She lovingly affirms her children. She takes joy in honoring and celebrating her children and their accomplishments while also honoring and celebrating other mothers and their children.

1 Cor 13:5

Love is: a mother who is not self seeking but strives to be “present” for her children. She sacrificially and faithfully takes them to doctors appointments, parties, after school activities and school meetings; attends their competitions and is their biggest and sometimes loudest supporter! At the end of the day, though she is tired, she makes time to help with homework and projects. She may endure a difficult pregnancy with months of bed rest or hormonal injections in order to give her child life. She may be a single mom who holds down a job yet makes sure her children’s needs are met even when stretched.

1 Cor 13:6

Love is: a mother who does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. She is a woman who seeks to teach her children the truth of God’s word and is not afraid to discipline them according to that truth. She prays for her children and shares godly wisdom to help guide them. She doesn’t defend them when they are wrong but corrects them. She doesn’t wear a mask and pretend to have it all together, but is willing to be open and vulnerable especially with other mothers. She strives to be true to herself and her values and set the example of living an authentic life.

1 Cor 13:6

Love is: a mother who always protects. Even those children who may not be hers biologically she gives a home. Home is a place of protection from the outside elements. God honors those spiritual mothers and adoptive mothers, who extend maternal covering to others to give them love and family.

Love is: a mother who always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. Life is hard, children can be rebellious and sometimes make terrible choices but we must continue to trust God and His plan for them. Continue to hope in His love for them and persevere in loving and praying for them, even as God perseveres with us.

Though some times we fall short, let’s ask God today for continued strength to steward our children according to His pattern of love.

Happy mother’s day!

Carol Hull-Jackson

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